Why Red String?


Because we want something more…. We want tell our life story face to face, real contact with real people. Laugh and have a good time together.


We would like to offer you opportunities that you have always been dreaming of but never had the chance to fulfil or perhaps haven’t found the right people to do it with. So, we are here to help. We love to travel and to try new things. To sail, to fly, to understand different cultures, to discover wonderful parts of the island and especially to enjoy ourselves.



Because it’s our passion and we would like to offer you fun activities to choose from , you can spend your free time with people you like.


We hope to see you soon.






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* The data will be processed exclusively for the selection of the best candidates for each group and stored in our files, which can be accessed to cancel or modify with a simple email. the data will not be shared with any outside enterprise.

Red String of Fate


There’s an old story in Japanise folklore about a magical connection between two people that are destined to be soul mates, called ‘the red string of fate’. It’s not the kind of connection we’re used to thinking of, where you fall in love with your soul mate and feel an intense connection to them. In Chinese folklore the red string of fate is an actual object… a string that’s red (are you surprised lol) but also invisible at the same time. It’s tied to a pinky finger of every person on earth and stretches all the way out to the pinky finger of their soulmate wherever that is, regardless of time and space. Legend says that the string can get very tangled up but it will never break.



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